Our Tomato Plant

Last summer we tried growing a roma tomato plant.

baby tomato plant

Just planted (with help)


one month tomato plant

About a month later


two month tomato plant

About two months. You can see tomatoes starting to grow.

green tomato with brown bottom

We had a problem where several of the bottoms turned brown before they were full grown.


tomato plant with ripe tomato

A couple of weeks later


few tomatoes in egg carton, one cut

First successful tomato harvest!


close up cut tomato

Close up


two tomatoes on the vine


This was a very rewarding experience. I was surprised that the plant gave us more tomatoes than I could keep up with for so little work. I had help planting it from my dog and  neighbor kids. After that I only had to remember to water and pick the tomatoes when they were ready. Thanks for reading!


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