Vegan Week: Day 1 Reflections

A few of my coworkers have convinced me to try going vegan with them for one week. I love meat and cheese, so only peer pressure could convince me to try this. Yesterday was challenging, and I’m worn out and hungry today. I forgot I was out of sweet potatoes, crackers, and bread, so I had to improvise. I am also taking a multivitamin every day in hopes of keeping myself healthy while I struggle through this. 


For breakfast I snacked on cashews and banana chips. 


Lunch was spinach, peach, and cashew salad drizzled with olive oil. 


For dinner, I tried this cauliflower recipe: How To Cook A Delicious Vegan Dinner For Valentine’s Day

I was excited to try cooking the cauliflower. I hate eating it raw. I do like that they look like brains when you slice them up. 


The cauliflower steaks browned very nicely in my skillet with a little salt and coconut oil, then went into the oven. I was worried about the pieces cooking in almond milk on the stove. I waited around 45 more minutes, but they never seemed to get more tender. I couldn’t mash them with a fork, so I had to abandon that part. I didn’t end up with much food, but the cauliflower steaks were very good. Golden-brown and crispy on the outside, with a nice flavor. 

I used the same skillet to fry bananas for dessert, and sprinkled them with cinnamon and powdered sugar. They tasted amazing, almost too sweet. 


Overall, the first day went pretty well. I am hoping to feel more full and have more energy on day 2. I have been reading The Vegan Experience, which talked about how planning ahead of time is very important when trying to go vegan. I’m not great about planning, so I’m hoping to get better about that while learning new, hopefully lower-impact recipes. 


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